Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Samuel Willis McCulloch was born 6/03/2010

Nuestro querido Samuel nacio el 3 de Junio un dia antes del cumpleanos de su Papa a las 0344 am. Samuel es super tranquilo y le gusta dormir, mami le encanta vestirlo como su muneco y esta disfrutando muchoooo ser Mama, su hermana mayor esta ayudando a cambiarle panales y a cuidarlo hasta ahora el proceso de adaptacion de Anastasia ha sido todo un exito... Solo en esperas de mudarnos este fin de semana a nuestra nueva casa..

Our dear Samuel was born on June 3rd a day before Daddy's B-day at 0344 am.. He is sweet and mellow.. He loves to sleep. I love to get him dress with cute stuff.. I love being a mom, and Anastasia has adapted very well to be a big sister. She is helping to change the diapers and this morning she put lotion too.. We are waiting to move to our new house this weekend..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary (May 19th 2010)

Justin and I are excited about how much we have acomplished in 3 years together.. WE have a beautiful child and one to be born this month, our new home next week, a new business that we have been growing for the past year, and so much growth.... I can't even tell you... We are a happy family...